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Owners of the earliest cars understood the importance of bumpers the hard way. They saw the front and rear portion of their cars get badly damaged due to low speed coalitions. Even a gentle bump into a hard object at low speed led to the structure of the car getting disfigured. Severe damage to the engine at the front and the wheels at the rear forced car manufacturers to come up with protective accessories.

Ironically, the auto dealers were the first to offer metal bars that could be fitted in front of the fore and rear of the vehicle to protect the structure from damage.Car manufacturers stepped in and bumpers became an integral part all automobiles. When trucks became popular, bumpers were fitted to these vehicles as well.

Over the years, the design and structure of bumpers has undergone a lot of change. The earliest bumpers were merely pieces of metal placed in front of the car so that they would get damaged first. The modern bumper consists of a beam, stays and a fascia along with foam to absorb the shock and to minimize damage to the bumper itself. The modern bumper is made of carbon fiber which is very light and which cracks at impact without causing any damage to the automobile.

About seventy five percent of the total number of components in any average car can be salvaged and reused. Hence, it is not surprising that there are a large number of usedbumpers available in the market. Of course, not all car and truck owners sell their cars because the vehicle is no longer in running condition. Many sell it because their tastes and their sense of style have changed. Most of us sell our cars to salvage yards because we want to buy a newer and better car. The end result is that many cars are sold in perfectly working conditions. This makes it easier to get good quality used bumper in the market.

There are many advantages of opting for second hand bumpers. There are times when the car is a hit by fast moving objects again and again. You are compelled to replace your bumper again and again. Filing an insurance claim every time your car is damaged is only going to push up your insurance rates. In such a scenario, opting for a usedbumper will work out a lot cheaper in the long run.

As on date, used bumpers are available for all types of vehicles. Used bumper for trailers and trucks are also available. You can find all these auto parts online.The auto insurance industry is pushing car and truck owners towards after market bumpers and after market parts. If you do not buy the same from reputed sellers and opt for reputed brands, there is a possibility that you may end up with poor quality aftermarket parts. Choosing used bumpers is safer as you can be certain about the quality of the product. Get the best quality used bumpers in the market online at www.usedbumper.net.net
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